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DEO - Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Division of Community Development

Special District Accountability Program

Official List of Special Districts Online

Special District Primary Functions Cross Reference List

Many special districts have similar functions but are grouped separately because of the statutory authority under which they operate and were created. The list below serves as a cross reference of similar functions.

  1. Affordable Housing (See Also: Housing Finance)
  2. Airports / Air Navigation Facilities
  3. Aquatic Weed Control (See Also: Environmental Protection / Management)
  4. Beach Facilities (See Also: Erosion Control, Recreational Facilities / Programs)
  5. Business Improvement (See Also: Community Redevelopment, Downtown Improvement, Economic Development, Municipal-Type Services and Improvements)
  6. Capital Improvements (See Also County Development, Economic Development)
  7. Children's Services (See Also: Juvenile Welfare)
  8. Civic Facilities / Activities / Services (See Also: County Fine Arts)
  9. Collaborative Client Information Systems
  10. Common Facilities Maintenance (See Also: Neighborhood Enhancement, Neighborhood Improvement - Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement)
  11. Community Development (See Also: Infrastructure Development)
  12. Community Redevelopment (See Also: Business Improvement, Downtown Development / Improvement, Economic Development)
  13. Conservation (See Also: Environmental Protection / Management, Soil and Water Conservation, Watershed Improvements)
  14. County Beach and Shore Preservation (See Also: Erosion Control)
  15. County Development (See Also: Economic Development, Capital Improvements, Industrial Development)
  16. County Fine Arts (See Also: Civic Facilities / Activities / Services)
  17. County Health and Mental Health Care (See Also: Health Care, Health Facilities)
  18. County Road and Bridge (See Also: Expressway and Bridge, Regional Transportation, Transportation Systems / Services)
  19. County Water and Sewer (See Also: Regional Water, Utility Systems / Services, Water and/or Wastewater Systems)
  20. Downtown Development / Improvement (See Also: Business Improvement, Community Redevelopment, Economic Development)
  21. Drainage and Water Control
  22. Economic Development (See Also: Business Improvement, Community Redevelopment, Downtown Development / Improvement)
  23. Educational Facilities Benefit (See Also: Higher Educational Facilities Financing)
  24. Emergency Medical Services (See Also: Fire Control and Rescue)
  25. Enterprise Zone Development
  26. Environmental Protection / Management (See Also: Aquatic Weed Control, Conservation)
  27. Erosion Control (See Also: County Beach and Shore Preservation, Soil and Water Conservation)
  28. Expressway and Bridge (See Also: County Road and Bridge, Regional Transportation, Transportation Systems / Services)
  29. Fire Control and Rescue (See Also: Emergency Medical Services)
  30. Gulf Environmental and Economic Recovery
  31. Health Care (See Also: County Health and Mental Health Care, Hospital, Hospital - County)
  32. Health Facilities (See Also: Hospital, Hospital - County, Nursing Home)
  33. Higher Educational Facilities Financing (See Also: Educational Facilities Benefit)
  34. Historic Preservation
  35. Hospital (See Also: Hospital - County, Health Care, Health Facilities)
  36. Hospital - County (See Also: Hospital, Health Care, Health Facilities)
  37. Housing Authority
  38. Housing Finance (See Also: Affordable Housing)
  39. Human Relations
  40. Industrial Development (See Also: Economic Development)
  41. Infrastructure Development (See Also: Community Development)
  42. Inland Navigation and Waterways (See Also: Port Facilities)
  43. Juvenile Welfare (See Also: Children's Services)
  44. Lake and Dam Maintenance
  45. Land Authority
  46. Library - Law
  47. Library - Local
  48. Library - Regional
  49. Licensing and Regulation
  50. Mobile Home Park Recreation
  51. Mosquito Control
  52. Municipal-Type Services and Improvements (See Also: Business Improvements)
  53. Natural Gas Transmission (See Also: Utility Systems / Services)
  54. Neighborhood Enhancement (See Also: Neighborhood Improvement - Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement, Common Facilities Maintenance)
  55. Neighborhood Improvement - Local Government
  56. Neighborhood Improvement - Neighborhood Preservation and Enhancement (See Also: Neighborhood Enhancement, Common Facilities Maintenance)
  57. Neighborhood Improvement - Property Owners' Association
  58. Neighborhood Improvement - Special (Residential or Business)
  59. Nursing Home (See Also: Health Facilities)
  60. Parking Facilities (See Also: Municipal-Type Services and Improvements)
  61. Personnel Management
  62. Planning / Zoning
  63. Port Facilities (See Also: Inland Navigation and Waterways)
  64. Qualifying Improvements to Real Property
  65. Recreational Facilities / Programs
  66. Regional Transportation (See Also: County Road and Bridge, Expressway and Bridge, Transportation Systems / Services)
  67. Regional Water (See Also: Utility Systems / Services, Water and/or Wastewater Systems)
  68. Research and Development
  69. Soil and Water Conservation (See Also: Erosion Control, Watershed Improvement)
  70. Solid Waste Disposal
  71. Street Lighting
  72. Transportation Systems / Services (See Also: Expressway and Bridge, Regional Transportation, County Road and Bridge)
  73. Utility Systems / Services (See Also: Natural Gas Transmission, Regional Water, Water and/or Wastewater Systems)
  74. Water and/or Wastewater Systems (See Also: County Water and Sewer, Municipal-Type Services and Improvements, Regional Water, Utility Systems / Services)
  75. Water Management
  76. Watershed Improvement (See Also: Soil and Water Conservation)