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DEO - Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Division of Community Development

Special District Accountability Program

Official List of Special Districts Online

Excel Files - The Official List of Special Districts in Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

Files as of January 20, 2016

This is not "live" data. The files are updated monthly (see above date) or on an as requested basis (contact Jack Gaskins at 850-717-8430 or For "live" data, see the various customized lists (Official List of Special Districts Online - Directory).

These files are intended for users with specific needs, such as creating mailing labels, merging documents, and updating databases. Fields include:

  • Name of Special District
  • Type (Dependent or Independent)
  • Registered Agent's Name
  • Registered Agent's Address
  • Registered Agent's Telephone Number
  • County in Which the Special District is Located
  • Status (Active or Inactive)
  • Local Governing Authority

For live data containing all fields in an Excel format, see: Excel Files - Select One or More Special District Functions and Create a Detailed Excel Spreadsheet.


Entire List
County Lists
Function Lists

Since some special districts have more than one function, a special district may appear on more than one list. Many special districts have similar functions but are grouped separately because of the statutory authority under which they operate and were created. For more information, see Special District Primary Functions Cross Reference List.